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Latest bohemian jewelry trends

Bohemian jewelry and body jewelry, for the hippies at heart

bohemian jewelry cleavage turquoise necklace

Lovely ladies, welcome to One Drop Jewelry, where beautiful boho jewelry meets a great cause: providing safe and clean water to communities all around the world. Our mission is what prompted us to start this online store in the first place and it's what pushes us to provide you with the most unique pieces of boho jewelry at the best prices. Water, taken for granted by some yet cherished by others. Every 37.5 seconds a person dies of a disease caused by unsanitary water. In 2016, it's a heart breaking statistic to hear. That is why we decide to help. This online store is about helping these communities have a better life. That is why a portion of all our proceeds our donated to this great cause through Save the Children and Samaritan's Purse. Buying with One Drop means directly contributing to these two amazing non-profit organizations. We thank you all for your support and generosity!

One Drop Jewelry is the online destination for all your bohemian jewelry. Here you can find the most unique and exclusive fashion accessories that your inner hippie desires. Hippie style necklaces and hippie style bracelets, once you see them, you will have to have them in your collection! Whether you’re looking for an impressive statement necklace or a minimalistic bracelet,Tibetan silver or body chains, we have everything to meet your needs without breaking your wallet. Shop away and explore our bohemian style jewelry catalog.


Our Collections


Beach Jewelry

bohemian beach jewelryNever know how to accessorize at the beach? That ends today! Our beach jewelry collection has a mix of beach anklets, stacking rings, midi rings with turquoise stones and gorgeous bohemian bracelets. Everything you might need to complete your perfect beach look to match your trendy bikini. With different shapes, colors, and materials, each piece will add that little extra touch to perfectly complete your beach outfit. 


Religious Jewelry

boho meditation mala beads jewelryAre you a yogi or into spirituality? Inspired by Hinduism and Buddhism, our spiritual
 jewelry collection also known as yoga jewelry is particularly special to us. It has a variety of holy symbols, semi-precious stones and crystals that have been used to create the most beautiful beaded bracelets and necklaces inspired by Buddhist teachings. Open your spiritual chakra, wear your intention, meditate or pray with mala beads, healing crystals, meditation beads, the Hamsa hand or Tibetan chakra jewelry. Wear these positive energies and spiritual jewelry on your body and let them assist you in your yoga practice and spiritual awakening. Made with moonstones, our moon rings collection symbolize hope and new beginnings while bringing good fortune. May all our spiritual jewelry bring you love, peace and enlightenment regardless of your religion. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Pantheists...may you all find your special piece of religious jewelry to will bring you peace. Namaste.










Bohemian Jewelry for Weddings

bohemian themed wedding sign
Planning a bohemian themed wedding? We have you covered! On the most important day of your life, trust us with your wedding day jewelry. Our 925 sterling silver collection with cubic zirconia and our 18k gold jewelry are the perfect wedding jewelry for bridemaids and even the bride.  All the pieces are of the highest quality and will leave you and your girls looking flawless on your special day. As always, all the pieces are offered at the best price so you don’t have to break the bank. To add the cherry on the cake, we offer free worldwide shipping on all our bohemian jewelry with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

925 Sterling Silver Collection

bihi sterling silver tree of life necklace

We have a wide collection of silver jewelry pieces made with the highest quality of silver. 925 means your sterling silver necklace, bracelet or earrings are made of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other alloys, mostly copper. To create the most beautiful silver jewelry, a mix with an alloy is necessary to make the metal durable and hard. Pure 99.9% sterling silver is soft and cannot be used to make functional objects. One Drop provides you with the most affordable silver jewels while maintaining its high quality standards so you can buy cheap silver jewelry in all confidence with us.


Are these boho jewels made for me?

bohemian girl flowers in hair

Our collection is like no other and it's made for the free-spirited woman that lives an unconventional lifestyle. She flows through life and goes wherever the wind takes her, she doesn't follow the crowd as she prefers to create her own path in the world. She expresses herself through art and has travel in her heart, she is adventurous with her style and loves to express herself through fashion. She is kind, she is bold, she treats people the way she would like to be treated, she is unique and most importantly, she cares for others and for our planet. She is YOU <3  


What is your bohemian jewelry made of?

bohemian jewelry bracelets on beach

 Bohemian jewelry is quite unique. They are artisanal pieces made with natural stones such as turquoise, opal, chrysoprase, aquamarine, garnet and many more. Depending on the type of crystal or gemstone used, certain bohemian jewelry pieces can be used as spiritual jewelry for your spiritual practice. Bohemian necklaces and bracelets incorporates a lot of leather, antique looking silver, fabrics such as linen and silk, woven threads and shells; anything inspired by nature really. Metals used in bohemian style jewelry can include a whole variety, but we try to keep our jewelry affordable and use metals such as 925 sterling silver, brass and alloy. Many of our pieces are gold plated or silver plated, making them durable and nontarnishable. Most importantly, all our bohemian jewelry is nickel free and lead free. Unique animal pieces are also very popular, so accessorizing with elephants, owls and other wild animal is part of the bohemian style. Our spiritual jewelry collection incorporates a wide mix of crystals, semi-precious stones, rudrashka beads, mala beads etc. All can be worn for energetic purposes and for healing. Boho-chic jewelry is the perfect accessory to wear to the beach or to a night-out on the town. With bohemian jewelry, you will look effortlessly beautiful, there is no doubt you will be turning heads.


Our 6 best-selling bohemian style jewelry pieces

"Jane" - Elegant leather necklace

bohemian necklace leather gold feather


Take a look at this elegant bohemian necklace “Jane”, sophisticated yet simple with delicate golden leaves and leather straps. This versatile piece can be worn with a dress or you can turn it down a notch and wear it with jeans and a t-shirt. Regardless of the style you choose, you will look flawless. “Jane” is perfect for a night out or for a professional look at the office. Accessorize with cubic zirconia stud earrings and you’re all set! It's the perfect bohemian jewelry piece for your collection.


"Rosangel" - Boho angel wings earrings

bohemian earrings angel wings


“Rosangel”, our angel wings earrings sent straight from heaven. Wear them for protection from all evil. The angel wings go to the back of your ear and the cubic zirconia stud attaches itself to the front, connecting both sides of the earring. With its fine details and perfectly shaped feathers, "Rosangel" is a graceful piece of jewelry!  These bohemian earrings are available in 3 colors: gold, silver and antique silver.


"Wanderlust"- Globetrotter World Map Watch

wanderlust world map watch black

 To all globetrotters and serial travelers out there, we present to you our famous “Wanderlust” watch: our stylish world map watch. Wanderlust: A strong desire to travel and explore the world. For those who constantly want to be reminded about traveling, you can have the world at their wrist. Simply take a look at your watch and you can daydream all day. With 7 different colors to choose from you are sure to find one to suit your outfit. Get it while it’s one sale!



"Estelle" - World Map Necklace

wanderlust world map necklace


Another piece for our fellow travelers: “Estelle”, our world map necklace, a must-have for all true globe explorers. Show the world your love for traveling by wearing this unusual piece of jewelry while exploring the world or back home. This bohemian necklace is available in 3 colors: gold, rose gold and silver.


"Zarita" - Bohemian beach anklet

bohemian beach anklet


Never know how to accessorize at the beach? Prepare to fall in love <3. “Zarita”, one of our favourite pieces, is a bohemian style anklet and a must-have to have in your bohemian jewelry collection. Wear it on one foot or two and accessorize with turquoise jewelry. When prepping for some fun in the sun, accessorize with a piece like no other, “Zarita”, for a guaranteed flawless bohemian beachy look.


"Una" - Elegant Owl Boho Necklace Pendant

bohemian jewelry necklace owl silver

 How gorgeous is our elegant "Una"? An owl within an owl, "Una" represents protection, motherly love and family bond. The original symbolic of the owl is associated with wisdom, intuition and having the ability to see what others don't see. A One Drop Jewelry favorite, she is small yet she never goes unnoticed. This beautiful bohemian necklace has been carefully crafted with AAA Austria cubic zirconia and platinum plated metal. "Una" is delicate yet durable and of the highest quality, will not tarnish so you can wear her for years to come. She makes the perfect gift to someone who has always been there for you throughout your life.


Soorya - White Turquoise 7 Chakras Healing Bracelet

spiritual jewelry healing bracelet 7 chakrasSure, you can wear this bracelet simply for its aesthetics, but this bracelet has a much deeper meaning. Wearing it simply for the looks would take away the core of what this spiritual bracelet represents.The 7 chakras are represented here by their assigned colors: The root chakra represented by the red color will bring you security, grounding and will help you control fears; the sacral chakra represented by the orange color will help you have better control of your emotions and increase feelings of self-worth and sexual expression; the solar plexus chakra, represented by the yellow color, will help you with assertivess, drive for power and vitality; the heart chakra, represented by the green color, will bring you love, compassion, trust and forgiveness; the throat chakra, represented by the blue color, will open up communication and bring you more creativity; the third eye chakra, represented by the indigo color, will promote intuition and imagination and finally you crown chakra, represented by the violet color, will stimulate thought, understanding and will help you achieve enlightenment. The white turquoise beads surrounding the remaining part of the bracelet will bring you protection from negative energy and peace at home. Finally, the last touch is Buddha's head that will help you in your path towards enlightenment. As you can see, this bohemian jewelry has a much deeper meaning than you initially thought. 


Boho-chic clothing

bohemian style girl flowy skirt

The bohemian clothing style was inspired by gipsies who, as early as the 19th century, were traveling the world with everything they owned. Naturally, they had to layer clothes to keep their luggage light, creating what is known today as the boho look. These hippies, often with very low financial resources, would recycle old clothes and look stunning every day without hardly trying. Over-sized and flowy pieces such as oversized flowy skirts, long tunics and light tops are the essence of the bohemian style. You really are going for the relaxed look that gives you ample freedom of motion.

As for the fabrics, opt for the natural ones such as cotton, linen, hemp and even silk. Dump the polyesters and other synthetics fabrics. Light flowy fabrics are a must is what this style is all about. Just throw on some floral prints, earthy colors, some occasional lace and voilà! If you want some inspiration, take a look at Shop Planet Blue website, they specialize in bohemian style clothing and have the loveliest outfits. You can really get a feel of the style by scrolling through their website. Just remember, there are no strict rules about the “bohemian style”, it’s all about being nonconformist and doing your own thing. Just wear anything that makes you feel in harmony with yourself and nature. Finally, to complete your bohemian style look you can use belts, oversized hats, scarfs that you can wear as shawls or headband, without forgetting about your bohemian jewelry, of course.

Still not sure about your look? Need extra advice? View this 4 step infographic on how to achieve the perfect bohemian look. Click here to shop for bohemian style jewelry.